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Our partners and FAQ's 


Need something else?  Get in touch with our partners below for some more expert advice from an industry specialist. We only partner with those we know are the best at what they do and we can recommend them with confidence. 

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How do you assess whether I can get a mortgage or not? 
Firstly, everything starts with an informal chat. We have a little brainstorm session to see how we can help. Then we pull all the evidence together and set it all out as a blueprint showing everything we need to check. Once we can see exactly what needs to be addressed, we work from there. You are kept in the loop and know everything thats going on. Once we have assessed your eligibility, we find the best lender and the best deal for you going forward. Then, its your choice!  
How do you know which lender to use? 
Each lender has their own USP's (Unique selling points), and depending on your income and circumstances, we will be able to identify the lenders who can offer you a mortgage. 
Are there special mortgages for actors? 
Not really, there are 1000's of mortgage products and they are available to all who 'fit'. This means that your personal circumstances place you into certain lenders with certain products.  
I am contracted as a self employed actor, can I get a mortgage? 
If you have a track record of working and you are proactive looking for work, yes of course! This will all be part of the assessment process. 
How long does it take? 
The initial chat can be as long as we make it but this is usually no more than 30 minutes. Then, depending on the work involved, we keep you informed as to when to expect things to happen. Each lender has different service levels too and we can advise you on this. You are kept informed throughout the process. 
Are your services discrete? 
Yes, as qualified and professional Financial Advisers, your confidentially is paramount. Everything discussed is between you and your adviser. All documents are held in secure digital clouds. You have one adviser assigned to your case and we do not share work. We do not 'shout about' who we have helped although we are over the moon when we get mentioned by one of our clients!  
When I get a mortgage, its a huge debt, how do you know its right for me? 
When we assess your needs, we also assess what you can comfortably afford. Part of the process is to make sure that, should the mortgage interest rates rise, you will still be able to afford them as long as you are still working. As part of our added value services, we also make sure you are advised on your options for insurance to make sure you can stay afloat should you become too sick or injured to work. Part of this includes making sure your family responsibilities are met too.  
What do you do once I have a mortgage? Can I still use you in the future? 
We love to keep our clients for as long as possible and a long term relationship is always encouraged. During this process, we learn a lot about you and you learn a lot about us. You will be impressed by our brilliant working ethic and great attention to detail, as well as being easy to talk to! Part of what we do is to make sure you and your family are kept safe and well, this means a personal approach and a continued connection. 
What can I do with my passive income properties? 
Passive income properties, or Buy To Let are a great way of keeping an income at all times. Even when your acting contract is up, they will keep bringing in some money to help with bills. When we review your circumstances, we take these into account too and make sure we have a good amount of detail on the mortgages held on these properties. This way we can keep a check on your portfolio and send you a friendly reminder when the special offer fixed rate is coming to an end. Part of our service is to make sure you save as much money as possible over the long term and providing portfolio maintenance is key to a good and profitable income. 
Can I buy a property abroad? 
Yes, we can help you arrange a mortgage on this. 
Do you charge a fee? 
Yes, we are a professional company who charges fees for our services. Your fee will depend on the complexity of your case but everything is laid out in front of you so you can see every cost along the way. No fee is due until we apply to the lender so our time, research and recommendation will cost you nothing. There are no hidden fees and we pride ourselves on our transparency. 
How soon until you can see me? 
Drop us an email or a call and you will be spoken to on the same working day. Sometimes we are extremely busy and need to book you in for an appointment at a time that suits but usually, we try to fit in a quick chat if we can. 
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