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You’ve worked really hard to get to where you are today.  

Understandably your financial situation is subject to fluctuations. Being a creative artist means that your work varies considerably throughout your career. There will be times of great success with an income to match, but also periods where opportunities may not be as easy to find and your finances need to be a little tighter. 
That should not stop you from getting a mortgage and securing the house of your dreams, that's just how this industry works. 
Throughout your acting career, rejections and disappointments happen (and that's tough enough to deal with), but it doesn't need to be that way with your mortgage. 
When high street mortgage lenders say 'no', it is because they do not wish to take on the particular nature of your industry. Their screening process is rigid and is sometimes unable to bend enough to accommodate you. 
That’s why it's so important that you speak with us first. 
We are not tied to any one bank or building society. We have access to a huge and comprehensive range of mortgage lenders, who we KNOW will look at your professional income properly, who understand the fluctuations and the opportunities that you encounter as a person working in the entertainment industry. 
Our professional financial advice service will help you secure your new home - and to keep it too! Tailoring a range of wage protection, health and financial security plans we can protect your investments during your career, which enables you to focus 100% on the passion that truly makes you happy. 



For those in the entertainment industry, finding a mortgage can be a daunting experience with lots of declines and upset. Too many unnecessary rejections, and you will miss out on that dream house.  
It's Time. Talk to someone who has experience. A proven success in this field. Find out your options. Get some advice. Find out how much you can achieve. Get the mortgage. Buy your house! 

Looking after your family 

Looking after your family 

When you are working, your family rely on you to bring in the money.  
If you should die, or lose the ability to go out to work and earn an income, what happens to them?  
They wouldn’t ‘just cope’ and they would at least need some time.  
Talk to someone who can help with the full process. Make sure your family is protected should the worst happen.  
Talk with Mortgages For Actors because we are a Financial Adviser who is on your side. 

Looking after yourself 

You are your business, if you are unable to work, the whole production would probably need to stop. You need to look after yourself and make sure you have a contingency plan for the ‘what if’ scene. Find out how you can make sure you keep your house should sickness or injury stop you working. 
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